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Return & Maintenance

How to return a product

If any quality problem with TSD products, you should contact our customer service center for return instructions within 7 days after receipt of products, you should keep original product and provide the market receipt.

Product defect:

Product with defects when received, client may apply to refund or replace it, TSD will offer replacement or return within one month.

Scope of application:

1. Damage caused by shipment;

2. Confirmed unqualified product by TSD;

1). Client should offer detailed statement including photo and written illustration;

2). With TSD original package (including carton, plastic bag, & anti-static bag for controllers)

Warranty service:

We will offer free guarantee service for our products under warranty period

Application rang: product doesn’t work with no physical damage

1. Intact TSD label with Model & SN

2. Detailed description of product defect

Our company may reject project return under following circumstances:

1. Damage caused by user in using;

2. The label of TSD is incomplete, cannot recognize Model & SN;

3. Spare parts are incomplete, or no TSD package;

4. Unauthorized disassemble of controller & display by TSD;

5. Breakage, loss

Customer shall check the product to see whether any damage or loss by shipment when receiving it. If it is broken or spare parts lost, you may write it on the waybill and feedback it to TSD with 7 days, TSD will resend it you.

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