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Intelligent express cabinet is an equipment, is able to identify, temporary storage, monitoring and management of the express items based on Internet of Things (IOT). Integrated with the PC server to constitute a smart courier delivery box system. PC server can manage each courier delivery box under its own system (such as express delivery box information, express information, user information etc.), and analysis of all kinds of information after integration. When the courier delivered items to the designated location, they only need to deposited into a delivery box, the system will automatically sends a text message to the use, including address and the verification code, users input verification code in the terminal, then they can pick up the items. This kinds of product is intended to provide convenient time and place for receivers.

TSD "17"IR touch all in one PC has been successfully applied in “SUNING” smart courier cabinet and Zhejiang Province postal items, greatly improve the efficiency for express company and the customer experience.

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